K12 AI Literacy Interactive Modules

Empowering your students to readily engage with AI by a series of engaging, evidence-based AI Literacy modules.

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What's Active AI

Learn AI Literacy with AI

Each Active AI module enable students to interact directly with real AI algorithms, offering a firsthand experience of AI's capability, randomness and unpredictability that help students understand how AI works – all without the need for coding.

Hands-on Learning with Immediate Feedback

Active AI bridges theoretical concepts with practical AI applications, employing the experiential learning pedagogy. Students actively construct and assess AI models, receiving immediate feedback. This approach not only engages learners but also deepens their grasp of intricate AI principles.

Seamless Solution for Educators

Streamlined Workflow for Teachers

Active AI simplifies AI education. Assign modules, track weekly progress, and gain in-depth insights into student performance. Our platform requires no additional tools or hardware, making it a convenient, all-in-one solution for teachers.

Standards-aligned Curriculum

Every Active AI module aligns with the AI4K12 Initiative’s Five Big Ideas in AI framework, which sets the national standards for K-12 AI education in the United States and is globally recognized in government-endorsed AI curricula.

Easy Integration into Teaching Schedule

Each Active AI's module requiring only 15-20 minutes to complete. It’s designed to perfectly accommodates diverse teaching schedules, fitting seamlessly into interdisciplinary subjects or as standalone AI Literacy courses

Evidence-based Solution

Backed by Science

Active AI is the culmination of extensive learning science research. Field studies in middle school classrooms have shown that ActiveAI notably outperforms traditional methods of AI literacy education in effectiveness.

Built by World-Class AI experts and Learning Scientists

We are a group of AI Experts and leaning scientists from Carnegie Mellon University. Together, we are committed to make AI Literacy Education accessible for learners around the world and preparing students for a future where AI is ubiquitous.

Empower your students to readily engage with AI today!

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